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Website Design & Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Apps


Be Inspired PT wanted to create a solution that would automate Personal Training management of various AnytimeFitness gyms. They wanted a solution that would enable PT Managers and Trainers of various AnytimeFitness gyms / clubs to purchase personalised PT sessions for their clients. The solution should not only purchase PT sessions, but should also be able to define PT sessions and schedule the PT sessions.? This would eventually enable PT Managers and Trainers to plan out their work and also determine the amount of remuneration they should receive. End clients will also be benefited since they will receive personalised training from their PT trainer on time as per the defined schedule.

SkillsWebsite Design & Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Apps
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Our Solution

Creativ Digital utilized ASP.NET to develop the PT management system from scratch and leveraged SQL Server and RDLC Reports, to store data and show reports. In addition, Creativ Digital utilized Telerik Scheduler to create an easy-to-use feature that allows PT Managers and Trainers to schedule PT sessions of their clients.

Because the remuneration of PT Managers and Trainers of each gym / club is based on the time they spend with their clients, Creativ Digital’s solution was developed to auto-generate pay slips with the exact amount of remuneration, every fortnight.